Noah's Club

Noah's Club has been a second home and especially a second family for my son Gionata and also for me. Here we always felt love and care (I speak at plural because when children are so young  the parents also need to be reassured and comforted). 

We have been with Noah’s Club since my son was 18 months and we were obliged to leave when he was 5 years old;  we would have never left but times fly, children grow up and new adventure need to begin. 

Today I see what the real effort of Noah’s Club was: To get us ready for the moment we should have been going, like an arch with the arrow. You filled us with thousands of memories, incredible weekly newsletter, amazing pictures and above all an incredible curiosity for what will be next. 

Thanks to all the incredible, amazing , loving teachers -  Ms Ellen that took the hand of Gionata when he arrived the first day and helped him letting go of mine by pushing him to explore the “new world”;  Ms Maeve who accompanied him in the passage from toddler to a little boy with a lot of cuddles and music;  Ms Ken that introduced him to letters & numbers and many games. The feeling of being welcome and the countless smiles no matter the time, the moment, the occasion - all made us feel at home.  

Many thanks to ALL the team of teachers, assistants, chef, cleaners, security guard, everyone!!
Thank you Noah’s Club and Ms An for giving us some of our best childhood memories, some of our best friends and thanks for all the teaching! Almost forgot ... thanks for the incredible quantity of food including veggies & fruits and the passion for healthy snacks!

It was a blessing having the chance to be with you.

Simona Aquisto

Gionata's Mom

What can I say about Noah’s club?! I still can’t believe I don’t work there anymore and my daughter misses it tremendously. I absolutely loved my time working as a teacher for the middle class in Noah’s club from 2013 - 2017 and my daughter also loved going there as a student between ages 18 months to 4 years old. 

As a parent, I really appreciated that my child had such a bright and open space to learn and play each day. There is so much thought put into the club’s appearance and the warm and vibrant colors reflect the atmosphere and energy the children create each day. Something that really stood out to me was that Noah’s club is able to generate the perfect balance of being a relaxed, friendly and fun environment while also maintaining a strong emphasis on safety, positive structures and creativity. I believe the children really benefit from the consistency the teachers work with and how well group relationships are managed. In my time in Noah’s club, there were rarely conflicts amongst the children and this is a testament to how happy and safe they feel there. 

Another thing that works really well there is how the children learn. The emphasis is on play and creativity but the teachers manage to fusion literacy, math and science in so that learning is fun and accessible to all the children. 

As a colleague in the club, I think the staff relations play a huge role in the positive energy of the club; especially because everyone works together as a team. There is always laughter and fun and the teachers are approachable, caring and have so much love for the kids. It was such a sad day for me when I had to leave Noah’s club because I returned to Ireland. Noah’s club was truly a place I looked forward to going to each day and I believe the children who go there feel the same way; I know my daughter did.

Maeve Meleady

Maila's Mom

Tôi yêu Noah’s Club từ cái nhìn đầu tiên vì môi trường học ngập tràn ánh sáng, xanh mát và giao hoà với thiên nhiên cùng với thiết kế giờ học dành nhiều thời gian cho các cháu chơi ngoài thiên nhiên ngay tại sân trường. Càng cho con học tôi lại càng yêu mến vì cảm nhận sâu sắc những gì các bé được trải nghiệm ở CLB thực sự trọn vẹn và đầy đủ cho tuổi thơ. Ỏ đó tôi thấy sự nhiệt tình, kiên nhẫn, yêu thương, quan tâm của các cô giáo dành cho từng bé. Cũng ở đó, tôi thấy con hạnh phúc từng ngày đi học tham gia những trò chơi thơ trẻ và những hoạt động phong phú chơi mà học: đọc truyện, nghệ thuật, âm nhạc, nấu ăn, v.v. Hai cháu rất yêu CLB và tôi tin khi các cháu lớn lên, những kỷ niệm ấu thơ hạnh phúc tại Noah’s Club đã vun đắp tâm hồn các cháu sẽ là những điểm sáng ấm áp và vững chãi của ký ức trong những hành trình trở về.

Hai Binh

Thuy Van and Van Anh's Mom

I have had two of my kids in Noah's Club for a total of 4,5 years before we left Vietnam, and we have never been anything but happy with the place. The teachers are warm and caring and the activities are creative and fun. I also really love the flexibility at Noah's Club, and the fact that they only close for Vietnamese holidays, which makes holiday planning and work schedules a lot easier to figure out. But mostly I love how happy my kids were being there, and I give Noah's Club my warmest recommendations.

Anna Hald Refsgaard

Alfred & Zak's Mom

I would wholeheartedly recommend Noah’s Club to other families. Both of my  sons have been attending from 18 month and are still enrolled. They have super flexible programs where you can select just what is right for you and your child. Me and my husband are both working so we have been very pleased with the limited amount of days Noah’s club is closed for public holidays.

You will find such a warm and welcoming environment at Noah’s Club. They teach all the important 'academics' - letters, colors and numbers - but just as important, they teach games, songs, rhymes, cooking, swimming, manners, etc. And all in a fun, professional, loving, supportive and kind environment. Each and every caregiver there is special and are always helpful and thoughtful❤️

We are so happy that we were recommended this kindergarten by a friend! Now I hope I can pass on that favor.

Elisabeth Rolskov

William and Alexander's Mom

Huu Dang's (Bon's) Mom

Dear Noah’s Club,

Thank you for creating an environment that encourages creativity and builds confidence, and especially filling it with love!

We loved Noah’s Club from the very first day touring the school. Knowing that the welcoming kind-hearted teachers and staff treat our Bon not only with respect but love, we are very comfortable to leave him in your capable hands. Bon loves going to school and playing with his friend every day. We are so proud to see him growing in confidence and independence. We feel so blessed to have found Noah’s Club and plan on sending Bon’s younger brother here in the future.

Vy Vo

Huu Dang (Bon)'s Mom

Dear Noah's club,

Nao has grown up very much in one year. She loves Noah's club because you instructed her kindly. We had a wonderful experience for one year. Thank you!

Yasuna Kikutani

Nao's Mom

Dear Everybody at Noah's club,

Thank you so much everybody - teachers, teaching assistants, cooks, security guard, Ms. An - all for looking after and taking care of Lele and all the children at Noah's club. You do such a wonderful work, and Noah's club is such a special place.

We wish you happiness, health, prosperity, joy and love!

Veera Maenpaa

Lele's Mom

We have two kids that has been attending Noah’s Club for the last two years. Now it is time to leave Vietnam, we would love to give Noah’s Club our warmest recommendations.

When we just arrived in Vietnam we went to many schools to see which one would be the best for our kids. A friend recommended Noah’s Club - and we are so happy that we picked Noah’s Club..

This place is very flexible, you set the rules - when you want to drop off and pick up the kids,  only a few holiday breaks are fixed - around TET and a few others -  it makes it easy to plan your holiday throughout the year..

When our daughter started Noah’s Club - she did not speak or understand any English. But with a warm and welcoming environment – very fast she got the confidence to speak and play with other kids.

The kids here learn a lot though play and creativity.

I love how happy my kids are at Noah’s Club, and how warmly they speak about their teachers and friends – Noah’s Club teaches a lot about respecting teachers and friends.

The food here is made freshly everyday - and my kids loved being a part of the cooking class.

Ida Wang

Tobias and Olivia’s mom