Noah's Club

Valid from 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020


Enrolment Fee: VND 8,000,000

Enrolment fee is paid one time only on the first time enrolment.

Busy Toddlers Visit Cards

These payment options are offered only to the children attending Busy Toddler’s group (age: 18m – 3y.o)

whose attendance might be less than 5 days/week.

By Month Payment

These payment options are offered for long term registrations which require Enrolment Fee payment. 


Attendance: 5 days/week

Holiday Club Attendance

These payment options are offered only to the children with  short term attendance plan.


Enrolment Fee is not required.


  • Enrolment fees are only collected the very first time a child attends the Club.

  • Before attending, all fees must be paid in advance.

  • Monthly fees are to be paid before the 5th of the month.

  • Fees may be paid in cash or by transfer, in either VND or USD.

  • Membership cards are non-transferable.

  • All fees paid are non-refundable. This includes in the case of absences (vacation, sickness…) during the paid period.

  • Parents must inform the Club of any changes before fees are due. These include changes in attendance or vacation plans. Retroactive changes are not allowed once fees have been paid.

  • Parents are required to inform the Club of potential delays in payment before fees are due.

  • If you have chosen the monthly payment option, you may inform the Club of personal holiday plans and have those days deducted from your total fee. You must inform the Club of these plans prior to the monthly payment. Public holidays do not apply.

*All quoted fees include snacks & meals according to the timetable.

*All quoted fees are subject to Fee Payment Rules.

*Business tax will be added in case the fees are paid by companies and the TAX INVOICE is required. In this case please contact our office for additional information.