Noah's Club

About Noah’s Club and it's Philosophy 


Noah’s Club was created in 2009 by a mom who wanted to find a daycare for her toddler with a nature-friendly environment that would nurture his emotional well-being, rather than one featuring advanced teaching methodologies & learning programs. Not finding any school satisfying these criteria, she decided to create such a place herself.


Thus, Noah’s Club was born, with the aim to create an environment and programs that support the following beliefs about early childhood learning: 

  1. The first 7 years are the most critical years when the foundation of the whole life of the person is being created. How the child develops during these years will influence the rest of his/her life.

  2. The deciding factor for how the child develops is not the volume of knowledge or specific content of things he/she learns at an early age. The person’s well-being and progress in life is decided by what kind of relationship is established between the child and his/her world.

  3. The family and the childcare facility are the 2 most important environments that shape the child’s relationship with the world at the early stage.

  4. When the child believes that his world is good, safe, kind and interesting, the best possible physical, emotional and mental development occurs. The feeling of being secure, nurtured & connected opens the child up to explore the world with confidence and enthusiasm. This is the deciding factor for the most incredible learning process to take place.

  5. The Natural world is our home and it is of utmost importance to instill love of Nature since early age. Children should be surrounded by Nature and given many opportunities to interact with Nature. 

  6. Childhood is always associated with lightheartedness, spontaneity and freedom. The early childhood programs allowing more spontaneous play and learning are more natural & therefore more beneficial for young children’s development (comparing to the programs that are strictly planned and managed).

  7. Early-learning Centers are responsible for preparing children for  formal schooling at a later stage: both with developing necessary skills and for  instilling in children the life-long love of learning.


"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."

- Maria Montessori -